A talented medical professional with more than two decades of experience, Dr. Basim Elhabashy is the CEO and owner of Marbella Oases, Inc., a medical laboratory in Delray Beach, Florida. In this capacity, he manages overall operations at the laboratory. He brings machines into the lab, calibrates equipment, and applies for necessary licenses. Since starting Marbella Oases in 2013, he has created a high-complexity laboratory and formed a solid network of addiction treatment center owners, marketers, and other lab owners. In addition to leading laboratory operations, Dr. Basim Elhabashy provides anesthesia to several surgical centers on a per diem basis.

Dr. Elhabashy began his career after graduating from Mansoura Medical School in Egypt. He completed his postdoctoral training in primary care and general surgery at Mansoura University Hospital and El Mabarah Hospital before moving to the United States to complete an observership at Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Over the next several years, Dr. Basim Elhabashy completed his United States internship and residency in anesthesia and held such positions as acting director of cardiac anesthesia at Fresno Heart Hospital, certified detox physician at a private clinic in Florida, and medical director of Good Future Rehabilitation Center.